“”Charlie Chaplin” …………………. A short story about the character of “Tramp

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We move this time to a famous figure which decorated the cinema- world. It’s  is a character rarely found in cinema these days, as it relied in its movies on gestures, cajoling and many of the visual comedy routines. But in this article, we will highlight the character of “Tramp” being one of the first characters in cinema movies. It’s “Charlie Chaplin.” For more details, kindly follow us in this character that will cover Charlie Chaplin- character

This actor was born in the United Kingdom in 1889. At the age of 13, his mother entered a mental clinic and his father died. He joined the British dance troupe, then began his artistic career and was famous for the character of the “Tramp”. He began his career in silent films that we still remember today, and has also become one of the most creative and influential figures in Movie- Comedy world. I wanted everything to be contradictory: loose pants, tight coat, small hat and big boots. I was reluctant to look like a big person or a young man, but I remembered that “Sanat” was waiting for me to look like an older person, so I added a small mustache to add to my character old age without hiding my expression. I had no idea about the character.

On the other hand, we would like to tell you that Chaplin has ceased to play the role of Tramp when the silent films stopped and were dominated by the speaking- films of the era. But this character has not ceased to our vision and our imagination and it will remain immortal in our memory forever. Thank you “Chaplin” for this great personality that has impressed your followers and caused them joy and happiness once watching it in the screens. At the end of our article, we provide you with a series of “Chaplin” films that will make you remember this character and become fully- familiar with it:

Children Racing cars in Venice

The strange Maple stalemate

Laughing Gas



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