Media is a one-sided weapon

Domination ⇔Money Domination needs money, and when you have the money you need said domination. To get the domination you need to keep the money in your hands, to remain dominant and then reap more funds and destroy your competitors, you are in need to a way to control the people around you. Entities that […]

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The True Story Of Little Red Riding Hood

The whole plot of the World – wide is about the following phrase: Use the long road wich is much safer  But if “Leila” as we call in Arabic has listened to her mother there would be no story at all. And because everyone of us has a story sometimes, All of us would be “Leila” […]

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“”Charlie Chaplin” …………………. A short story about the character of “Tramp

We move this time to a famous figure which decorated the cinema- world. It’s  is a character rarely found in cinema these days, as it relied in its movies on gestures, cajoling and many of the visual comedy routines. But in this article, we will highlight the character of “Tramp” being one of the first […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo ………….. A Portuguese football phenomenon admired by many people

In this article, we will take you on a short tour on one of the most famous soccer players in the whole world admired by me and many persons encouraging Real Madrid Club. Kindly follow this short article that will highlight this Portuguese player – what we have described – that impressed everyone: Named Cristiano […]

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Arab Drama Is Attacking “Hijab” More Than Western Drama

Throughout my catching up with few Arab series, something of a curiosity attracted my attention and this is because I am a son of a conservative family that  educates it girls on basis of freedom of expression, education and freedom to choose their spouse. But it’s necessary to say that the custom of Muslim woman […]

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Important Tips for those who want to work in freelancing translation from English to Arabic online

Translating articles to add it on my website and following up some translation attempts by some volunteers, I have reached the following summary which can help everyone to translate from English into Arabic.  1- A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so do not be afraid and start trying 2- Use […]

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How To Be A Gamer And A Successful Person At The Same Time ?

In our society, There is a general idea related to gamers: they are losers, lazy, fat and weird, unfortunately, all of this is somehow true. If you have a look on your nearby video games fans and I mean those who are around you in your family, neighborhood or friends of the study surroundings, you’ll […]

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berlusconi VS Montella

Berlusconi & Montella in a cmparsion

I think that we can not deny what Montella presented to Milan this season from the beginning and even today,,and  we have to give many thanks for this man concerning the aspects of play aesthetic and fighting spirit he gave the players. On the other hand, we can not deny what Berlusconi has presented to […]

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The Difference between an Electrician and Electrical Engineer

The Difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Engineer

1- First, an engineer is a person who has more intelligence quantity than an electrician, because he must assume greater responsibilities, also he has more scientific, practical and a leadership position. 2- Therefore , an engineer does not have to be able to do practical implementation with his own hands, but it’s enough for him […]

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